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Living Streets Report


Origin8 was asked to create a report for the Living Streets charity.

The report, 'Must try harder', highlighted the need to push on with governmental change in trying to get school children walking to school and why this would be beneficial for both welfare and the environment.

The report was mostly text based but included some imagery, infographics and a 'report card' to illustrate the government's progress to date

Must-try-harder-intro Must-try-harder-text
 Introduction  Text and pull out
Must-try-harder-graphic Must-try-harder-report-card
 Simple infographics Mock Report Card 


About Living Streets:

Living Streets is the national charity that stands up for pedestrians. With our supporters we work to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets, where people want to walk. We have been the national voice for pedestrians throughout our 80 year history. In the early years, our campaigning led to the introduction of the driving test, pedestrian crossings and 30 mph speed limits. Since then our ambition has grown. Today we influence decision makers nationally and locally, run successful projects to encourage people to walk, including the national Walk to School campaign; and provide specialist consultancy services to help reduce congestion and carbon emissions, improve public health, and make sure every community can enjoy vibrant streets and public spaces.